Monday, 12 July 2010

Designing a DVD cover for AC/DC

In todays lesson, our group used Photoshop to design the packaging for a DVD cover for AC/DC. This involved us considering what features you would expect to see on a DVD cover, such as a title, logo, certificate, holigram, freeze frame shots, ratings etc. We also tried to make sure the DVD looked appropriate for Rock genre, therefore we used dark colours, with appropriate font styles that worked well with the style we wanted to convey. Using images that we had taken during the filming process, we used these on the cover to match the footage we had. These images were of Lewis as he was the lead singer, therefore it means that we can sell the artist. We included a 4 star rating that was from Kerrang, we chose Kerrang magazine as their target audience would be similar to the target audience for AC/DC.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Images of Madonna DVD cover

This is the front cover of the DVD, it shows a big picture Madonna who is positioned in the centre of the DVD cover. Her appearance resembles a different culture through her hand gestures and costume. This is showing the everchanging appearance of Madonna, and this look is a way of gaining a different target audience. The title is placed at the top, and the font style is basic and modern.
This is the back cover, it has another focal image of Madonna as the background with a list of the songs included. These fit the style of the front of the DVD cover and the layout is very basic, so it is easy for people to read. It includes three small images from the DVD on the right.

These are three freeze frame shots taken from the DVD footage shown on the back of the cover, they are all very different images, displaying her very different appearances in the different music videos, for example there is a gothic look. This gives the audience a brief insight into the footage of the DVD.

The two images above show the different company logos, the certificate rating, details about the record label, running time etc. which is what is expected to be on the DVD cover. The format is very basic yet professional, which makes it straightforward to read.

Analysing Madonna DVD cover

It sells the artist well as it has a medium shot of Madonna in the centre of the cover. This immediately enables the audience to identify with Madonna and to see her significance in the DVD. This DVD was made in 1999 so her importance in the music industry has already been established as she is in a well-known artist. As a result her appearance looks very different cultured meaning she might be trying to appeal to a new target audience to widen her fan base. This is a new look that Madonna is portraying, so her costume represents her new look for this DVD. Her hand gestures also works well with the overall style. Her hand movement is the same as what is used in the 'Frozen' video, this is an example of intertextuality.

The colour scheme is very bright and bold using a lot of blue and gold, these are quite rich colours that stand out and relate to the indian style theme that Madonna is conveying. The font style is quite different to the indian style image, it is more modern and has a 'type writing' feel to it, which could interest a different type of audience, because of the contrasting style.

The back cover includes the typical features you would expect to see on a DVD cover, such as free frame images, a contents list, barcode, certificate rating, etc. However, it doesn't include ratings from magazines, radio stations etc or quotes. This might be because Madonna was already an established artist when this DVD was released, therefore she doesn't need to focus on gaining consumers as she already has lots of fans.

ACDC music video

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

ACDC album covers

It has a clear logo at the top of the cover, the colours are fairly neutral/dull and the name of the album has clear links to the illustration.

This is a very simple album cover with three main parts, the logo, a canon and the name. The picture suggests a negative notion and the lack of bright colours complements this.

These are examples of ACDC's album covers. We decided to look at these to get some ideas of genre characteristics that have been included in their album cover. These examples mostly use fairly dull and dark colours which suits the look of a rock genre album. The imaging used is fairly basic and can suggest negative notions such as canon and eyes being blacked out. The font style is usually the bands logo which is quite bold and could be described as gothic, which fits in well with the mood that is trying to be created. When we design our own DVD/magazine advert, we will take into consideration the ideas used for ACDC's album covers

still pictures from our filming

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